Don Springer           Norm Darling           Mike Cloonan        Perry Cleaveland

Song List/Times

  1. Sweet Blue Eyed Darling (Bill Monroe)
  2. Ages and Ages Ago (Gene Autry/Fred Rose/Ray Whitley)
  3. Cold Gray Walls (Richard A. Hood)
  4. Another Walk With Brother (Norman Darling) MP3
  5. Gridley Blues (Perry Cleaveland)
  6. Faded Coat of Blue (Traditional)
  7. Traveliní This Lonesome Road (Bill Monroe) MP3
  8. Paper and Bow (Richard A. Hood)
  9. Who Will Sing For Me (Traditional)
  10. It Takes One To Know One (Traditional)
  11. Old Love Affair (Traditional) MP3
  12. Why Me? (Kristoffer Kristofferson)
  13. Bluegrass Lullaby (Richard A. Hood)
  14. Lehigh Valley Flyer (G. Roets-arr. Bristol MT. Bluegrass) MP3

Liner Notes

Another Walk With Brother - Bristol Mountain Bluegrass DRK-2905

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